Damsel In Control.

The days of distress are over.

Introducing Damsel – a new app that helps women feel secure about going solo.


No Worries.

Living alone means you don’t have to answer to anyone. That’s super-empowering—but can also be a little unsettling. Today’s technology-driven world gives us so many opportunities to try new things and meet new people: online dating, parties, traveling. But when no one but your dog knows you’re gone, nagging fears can hold you back.

Damsel is a 24/7 tool that monitors your safety and whereabouts, so you can feel fierce and fearless when you go it alone.

No Judgement.

As a woman on your own, you get to call the shots: you can jet off on a spontaneous getaway or go on two dates in a single Saturday if you want. But sometimes, telling friends and family your plans invites unwanted opinions and unnecessary worries.

Damsel minds your activities while minding its business. It tracks your comings and goings and checks that you’re okay—all without a single disapproving glance.

Just Peace of Mind.

Damsel is an app that puts peace of mind right in your pocket (or purse) by letting you document your activities, confirm your well-being, and choose emergency contacts to step in if you need assistance.

We’ve all heard tips about protecting ourselves when we’re alone—but now, you can step it up by arming yourself with technology. Because when you feel safe, nothing can stop you from living life like a boss. Let’s do this, ladies.

The days of distress are over.


Log an Outing

Enter the details of your outing, and Damsel will check in on you throughout the night.

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Wellness Check

Tell Damsel exactly when you want to be checked on if you feel nervous or unwell.

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Rideshare Mode

Log the details of a rideshare so your info is on record while you’re on the road.

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Party Mode

Let Damsel know you’re heading out to party, then let loose until the sun comes up!

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You Empowered.

Can’t stop, won’t stop: with Damsel by your side, you’re ready to be the bravest, boldest, most boundless version of yourself. So get it on your phone and get out there, girl.