Q: Is this app exclusive to single women?

A: No. Although the app was designed with a single gal in mind, it was set up to accommodate many different needs. We feel that all adults over 18 years, (including guys) could find this app useful.

Q: Why am I not getting my notifications?

A: All notifications come through push-notification, make sure your notification is enabled through your app settings.

Q: Can I change my Party Mode check-in time?

A: Not at this time. We created this function to be a quick push-of-a button with an automatic 10 hour check-in scheduled. If you need more flexibility, use the Wellness Check function.

Q: What are the difference between Outings and Wellness Checks?

A: Outings have pre-determined locations and times that can sync to your phone calendar. Wellness Checks can be used to set check-ins on the fly or when you don’t have all the details.

Q: Does Ride Share have the same check-in thresholds?

A: No. You have a total of 15 minutes after your scheduled arrival time to complete the ride before it reaches out to your emergency contact. Ride Share requires more immediate diligence, but it was set that way for heighten safety.

Q: How do I use the features?

A: Please click this link to see how all the features work.

Q: Where does My Log live?

A: All activity is stored securely in the Damsel cloud and can only be accessed by you or the emergency contact you have given permission to.

Q: Why can I not overlap outings and wellness checks?

A: The only feature you can overlap is Ride Share. The other features work independently to ensure you do not get overwhelmed with check-ins.

Q: Why would I use the camera, audio or notes in the app when I have these functions on my phone?

A: When you use them in the app, they are put into your log sequential. If for any reason your emergency contact needs to view the log, they will (with given permission) be able to view any of those items which may be important depending on the scenario.

Q: Who should I pick to be my emergency contact (EC)?

A: First and foremost, the emergency contact must be able to download the app to be able to access the EC portal. So start with someone that has a compatible smart phone and will download the app. Second, pick someone that has your best interest at heart and will do all the necessary follow up if needed. Lastly, this app is run strictly on the smart phone technology through text, push notification, emails etc. You will want to pick someone that is fluent in using all and will be able to respond if necessary.

Q: What is the difference of my emergency contact seeing my current log or my full-log?

A: The current log is strictly the event you last logged, nothing further. We highly recommend you allow your emergency contact access to the full-log just in the very rare case they need additional details on your whereabouts.

Q: Can I have more than one emergency contact?

A: Not at this time, but stay tuned for additional features.

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