It’s Never Been Easier

To Rest Easy.

So, how does it work? We designed Damsel to be simple to use while you’re out and about, so you can focus on what matters. Just enter some basic info before you head out, then relax and have fun. Damsel is here for you.

Touch & Go

Damsel is intuitive and effortless to navigate, putting all the important features at your fingertips.

On the Alert

Damsel pushes notifications (like automated check-ins) when you want them, and backs off when you don't.

Safe and Sound

Damsel keeps you—and your sensitive information—secure. Everything is pin-protected, and you choose who sees what.

All Features List


It all starts here, at the hub. Choose how you’d like Damsel to help, depending on what your plans are. From an early-morning run to a late-night date, this is where your journey begins.


Log an Outing

Going somewhere? Go here first. Before you leave for an event, enter the who, when, where and any other deets you desire—you decide how much you want to reveal. (You can add outings in advance, or on the fly.)

Then, tell Damsel when you want to be checked on. Once you confirm with a pin code, you’re marked as safe. If you don’t, Damsel will check in again (how often is up to you). After three unconfirmed checks, Damsel will reach out to your preset emergency contacts, so they can step in if necessary.

Perfect for: dates, solo travel, late-night work shifts


Log a Wellness Check

This no-frills feature lets you set a specific time for Damsel to simply ask, “Hey, you ok?” Whether you’re feeling sick, uneasy, or just want to feel a little love when you’re lonely, a Wellness Check is like your BFF popping their head in the door to make sure you’re all good.

Perfect for: sick days, fitness outings, anxious moments


Rideshare Mode

The explosion of ridesharing services has made getting from point A to point B super-convenient. But just like we warn kids about getting into vehicles with strangers, we have to be aware of the dangers ourselves.

Rideshare Mode lets you enter key info from your rideshare app as soon as your butt hits the backseat: destination, ETA (adjustable for traffic or detours), and license plate number. If you give the green light that you’ve arrived safe and sound, great! If not, it will share the info with your emergency contact so they can step in.

Perfect for: any and every time you use a rideshare service—with or without a buddy!


Party Mode

Sometimes, you just want to live it up like nobody’s watching, but still feel the comfort of knowing you’re safe. With Party Mode, you simply turn it on, then go turn it loose—Damsel will record your location in the background during the night, but won’t hit you up again for a check-in until morning.

So set it, forget it, and do your thing, party girl!

Perfect for: having fun without having to check in (think “one more drink” or “let’s go back to my place” moments)

You Empowered.

Can’t stop, won’t stop: with Damsel by your side, you’re ready to be the bravest, boldest, most boundless version of yourself. So get it on your phone and get out there, girl.